Friday, 28 August 2009

How to Sell Wow Warcraft Accounts for More

Selling warcraft wow accounts for more money. Tips from an account reseller with four years experience. The thee most important parts of any sale is information, representation, and exposure. This applies to wow accounts as much as any other product.

1.information Information sells. You can not sell a car in the newspaper with an add that reads "car, four wheels, goes places" The same applies to selling your wow account. "WTS 70 Mage 2000 gold" is not a good enough title. The title must include class, faction, server, HP, MP, crit %, spell bonuses, etc, and of course.. PRICE! - For a good example of how to make titles.

2.information continues and representation begins with the body of your ad. Here, you can be more descriptive and should mention character progression such as what areas you can raid in, what gear you have, etc. - It is important to remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. You can describe a sports car to someone that has never seen one.. they won't go "Ooh!" until they see a picture. The easiest way to take a picture of your warcraft, wow accounts is to get a character profile. I do not recommend using an armory profile. Do not make overstatements about your account, you buyers will lose trust the same way that you trust someone that knocks on your door and says they have the best vacuum cleaner in the entire world.

3.The best profiling system is - another good system is

4.Most forums and auctions allow you to include pictures. I recommend creating a picture like this one.

5.How to create professional profiles and screenshots, step by step

6.Many buyers are not experts. They can't translate abbreviations or value items that are only named and not shown. (Explain that you sword of Uberleet comes from the top dungeon in the game and only 3 other players in the world possess it. Link to a page with information about
it, etc.)

7.Prep your account. Deguild, wipe friends list. Stop recurring billing of your credit card. You might even want to tell a few friends so that they don't freak out and email the game company that some stranger is playing your account and you were obviously hacked.

8.Show your price in the title or body. This is important for forum selling. Some shoppers get discouraged if they have to ask and they simply will not ask nor make an offer. Consider your last trip to the grocery store, if you wanted something and the price wasn't right there, you might have just skipped buying that item. Convenience is key!

9.Use buy now prices. Buyers don't want to buy an account tomorrow, they want to buy it now, today, this minute. They also do not want to bother with bidding. They will pay more for this convenience. I usually set the buy now price $50 higher.

10.Find your CD key.

11.This increases selling value dramaticly. Add "Cd Key, original owner" to your titles.

12.Exposure Many people need to see what you have for sale. If someone auctions the biggest diamond in the world, but only three people know about the auction, it will not sell for a very good price. To get strong exposure, you MUST use more than one website. To use more than one website, I recommend starting a free auction and then linking each of the forum posts to the auction page. This will track bidding for you and allow you a better presentation than forums allow.

13.Forum sites:,,, (low fraud rate, free anti-fraud guides)

14.Auction sites: (free), (free), (5%)

15.'Bump' your posts by replying to them so they stay on the front page. Read forum rules on bumping. This will increase visabilty when new posts cause yours to become "buried."

16.Pricing: In this market, items do not sell like they do on ebay. You need to price your account AT the amount that it will sell for, and then use the 'buynow' option. Use automaticly relisting auctions with 1 day durations. It is easy to adjust your prices at any time. Start at high prices, and slowly reduce until you have a buyer.

17.Price your World of Warcraft account accurately, free tool by rpgreseller

18.Be prepared to accept paypal. If you don't have a paypal account, get one. If you don't know how to use paypal, learn.

19.If your account is inactive, activate it so you can prepare screen shots and a profile.

20.Don't ask potential buyers, "Are you going to steal my account." - If they are a thief, they might be a liar. Think about it. Free guide on safely buying and selling wow accounts


22.If you have alts that are high level, you can sell them separately. It requires a new blank account, and $25, but buyers will happily pay for it. Why? - Because it's secure.

23.Each account must have matching owner information. If you are a buyer and just bought an account with a dozen alts that can be sold separately, you may be in for some big profit. But how do you pay for the transfer if you don't have a credit card that's registered in your name?

24.This and other questions are answered in The account transfer guide.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Warrior Tanking in World of Warcraft

When trying to describe raiding to people who don't play World of Warcraft, the best analogy may be to compare it to a game of football.

Raiding is all about team coordination - the raid leader is the quarterback, calling the shots, your damage dealers are your receivers and runners, and your tanks are the offensive linemen that take the hits to keep the ball in play and moving forward. The analogy isn't perfect when you consider healers, since the sort of injuries acquired in a football game don't generally need powerful magic to mend.

Regardless, this article is about your defensive line: the tanks, specifically, the main tank. The goal of the tank in World of Warcraft is singular - to take the hits so the rest of the team doesn't have to. In fact, in most raid situations, tanks are the only characters that can take more than a single hit from most enemy bosses.

There are three character classes in World of Warcraft that have the capability to be raid tanks: Warriors, Druids, and Paladins. Each class has its own unique flavor and mechanics that excel at different facets of the raid tanking game. This article focuses on the Warrior class,and it what it brings to the table for raid tanking.

Advantages of Warriors as Raid Tanks in World of Warcrat

Warriors are veterans of the tanking game - when the game originally launched, they were essentially the only class that could really get the job done. While this is no longer the case, there are still a lot of reasons to choose a Warrior as your main tank. The distinct edge that the Warrior carries over his tanking contemporaries is his superior mitigation. Simply put, the Warrior is better at reducing incoming damage than the other tanks.

In addition to their sturdy armor and shields, Warriors have access to a couple of "emergency buttons" that the other tanks simply don't.

Last Stand grants the Warrior a short-term health boost to allow healers to catch up with incoming damage, and the potent Shield Wall reduces incoming damage to a minimum, allowing Warriors to survive the most brutal attacks.

Drawbacks to Warrior Tanking in World of Warcraft

There are two primary disadvantages that Warriors are saddled with. The first is that while they are superb at holding the attention of one monster, battles featuring swarms of enemies tend to overwhelm the Warrior, and some bad guys will inevitably break loose and attack healers or damage dealers. The second downside is that when a Protection-specialized Warrior isn't tanking, he's practically useless. The only other function he can provide is damage, and his damage output is frankly pathetic and almost negligible.

This combination of characteristics makes Warriors a great choice for a main tank for any raid group. Since the majority of boss encounters feature a single, super deadly enemy, put a high-mitigation Warrior on the front line to soak up the deadly blows while a secondary tank, a Druid or Paladin, can take care of smaller multitudes of monsters.

The Warrior class is jam packed with abilities, so before deciding on a Warrior as the main tank for a raid, be sure he or she has the skill needed to play the class. An adept, well-geared Warrior as a main tank will help deal with hard hitting bosses sooner than other tanks can attempt them, making Warriors the premier tanks for focused raiding guilds.

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Saturday, 22 August 2009

How to Make "World of Warcraft" Gold

If you have played World of Warcraft for any amount of time you've probably seen ads for buying gold. The fact is, you can use the same techniques that gold farmers use to make a huge amount of gold without spending any real-world cash. Here's how.


Step1.Go to the Curse website and download the Gatherer add-on. This add-on will show you where all of the mines, treasure chests and herbs are in each area so that you can farm them quickly to sell in the action house. You can adjust the heat trail to show you the circuit you used to gather so that you can follow that circuit again later.

Step2.Download the Auctioneer add-on while you are at the Curse website. This will show you how much items in the auction house are selling for so that you can price your items competitively.

Step3.Raid low level instances such as Sunken Temple (if you are level 70) by yourself to get good blues to sell in the auction house or to sell to vendors. One run like this can get you around 20 gold.

Step4.Do the PvP quests every day for 11 gold each. These quests can be found in Hall of the Brave.

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Friday, 21 August 2009

World of Warcraft or World of Welfare?

Why Does World of Warcraft Keep Getting Easier?

Games have become far too easy to play over the last decade and World of Warcraft is no exception. Do you remember a time when you actually had to participate in the games plot or use your brain to solve mysteries in games? Take the Final Fantasy series for example. Final Fantasy 1 gave almost no direction and left you guessing and figuring stuff out on your own. Final Fantasy 3 presented unique challenges. Final Fantasy 7 was a lot easier but still had some challenges in it. Final Fantasy 10 basically played itself out like a movie as you sat and watched cinemas with limited input required on your part. It keeps getting easier and easier.

In the MMORPG line of games, let's start with Everquest, a game I consider created the popularity of MMOs (yes I know there were other games before and during that time). In Everquest you had forms of permanent progression, no voice chat, and a lot more players in a raid (as many as 72). In Everquest not everyone was entitled to experience a majority of the content or receive superior items in the game unless they earned it (kind of the principles America was founded on). You hit max level, you didn't go collect epic gear from raids you didn't earn the right to participate in and then reroll an alt and do it again. There was an entire alternative experience system where you could still group and gain experience points to apply toward your character to improve it. You couldn't immediately access all raid content either, you had to go through several lines of progression, flagging, and keying. Kind of like how WoW started off with attunements but way more difficult.

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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Tips for Making Gold in WoW at Low Levels

Here I will post some tips for making gold at low levels in WoW , if you are eager to learn please read on the following descriptions :

1. You'd better take up a gathering profession . Skinning and mining are excellent for making low level ( wow powerleveling ) money on most servers .Really, by gathering skins, ore, and cloth from drops, you are going to have the best chance of saving up a considerable amount of money .
2. Pay attention on what sells the best on your server. Search around for what the going rate deals are. Compare prices. Then go out and find what people want the most and start selling .

3. You should sell during the busiest time on your server, and only put your auctions up for two hours at a time if you can help it. That way you will make the most money for your trouble.

4. Taking enchanting as a second profession so you can turn all your greens into enchanting materials by disenchanting them. Many people will buy big sets of materials, or 'package deals' from the trade channel. You can also try to sell them in the Auction House just like all the other materials.

5. Sell any gray items that you can carry. Oddly enough, they really do add up. If you keep all of your items that aren't essential in the bank while you go questing or farming, you’ll have more room to pack stuff into your bags. Extra space really does add up! Keep gray weapons around the longest if you need to throw away trash, because they are always worth the most when it comes to selling things.

6. Sell whatever you don’t want or need . Don’t be a packrat and you’ll have a much better chance of making wow gold .

Thanks for reading and happy playing !

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Monday, 17 August 2009

Getting the Best Gear for Lower wow powerleveling PVP in WoW

World of Warcraft players sometimes play with a twink, an overpowered lower level WoW PVP character that plays exclusively in lower level PVP brackets, instead of spending countless hours in wow powerleveling 80 end game PVP and PVE. After the initial powerleveling, the player needs to leave a buffer of experience points to acquire gear in dungeons and quests without the risk of going over the level cap for his PVP bracket. A nine level buffer is usually enough.

Getting the Best WoW Gear

Research the latest PVP gear at sites such as PWN Depot, Blizzard's own PVP forum, and WoWwiki to find information on gear that is needed to become the best character possible. In most cases, the PVP gear that can be purchased with honor at the PVP vendor or with gold at the auction house is not the best gear possible. The best gear comes from dungeon runs and quest reward gear.
Dungeon runs and some quests should be done with the help of a wow power leveling 80 friend to save time and minimize experience gain. During dungeon runs, it's best for the lower level character to run into the first mobs to become a ghost.

The player should not release from the corpse. Then the level 80 character brings the boss back to the corpse, and downs the boss. As long as the ghost for the lower level character is near the area where the boss was downed, he can roll need on the drops. Doing dungeon runs as a ghost results in little to no experience gain.

If the lower level character is being supported by a level 80 main, there is Bind On Account (BOA) gear that can be used by all characters on the same realm. Despite the name "Bind On Account", BOA gear cannot be transferred between realms even on the same account. BOA gear may be purchased with Stone Keeper's Shard tokens or Emblem of Heroism tokens. Those tokens are earned from wow powerleveling(buy wow power leveling) 80 dungeons and raids.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Investing Gold in WoW

If you are planning to buy something useful to you in , you should have some wow gold in hand . Every time you farm some gold it is good for you to invest them . So how to invest the wow gold you farmed ? Here are some tips :

1. Markets of interest :

1) Keep an eye out for FOTM surges, the prices of cloth, mid range trade goods and relics of ulduar will increase, sometimes as much as tenfold.

2) The key with investment is to watch patchnotes to see how the changes will effect the supply, and demand of a product.

2. Markets to avoid :

1) With next patch : Frozen orbs / Runed orbs will decrease in price, as will abyss crystals.

2) This will be because many people will farm HC's, and will be de'ing most of their old gear, as well as the hc drops that will be redundant to alot of the farmers.

Thanks for reading and enjoy yourself in WoW !

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