Friday, 28 August 2009

How to Sell Wow Warcraft Accounts for More

Selling warcraft wow accounts for more money. Tips from an account reseller with four years experience. The thee most important parts of any sale is information, representation, and exposure. This applies to wow accounts as much as any other product.

1.information Information sells. You can not sell a car in the newspaper with an add that reads "car, four wheels, goes places" The same applies to selling your wow account. "WTS 70 Mage 2000 gold" is not a good enough title. The title must include class, faction, server, HP, MP, crit %, spell bonuses, etc, and of course.. PRICE! - For a good example of how to make titles.

2.information continues and representation begins with the body of your ad. Here, you can be more descriptive and should mention character progression such as what areas you can raid in, what gear you have, etc. - It is important to remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. You can describe a sports car to someone that has never seen one.. they won't go "Ooh!" until they see a picture. The easiest way to take a picture of your warcraft, wow accounts is to get a character profile. I do not recommend using an armory profile. Do not make overstatements about your account, you buyers will lose trust the same way that you trust someone that knocks on your door and says they have the best vacuum cleaner in the entire world.

3.The best profiling system is - another good system is

4.Most forums and auctions allow you to include pictures. I recommend creating a picture like this one.

5.How to create professional profiles and screenshots, step by step

6.Many buyers are not experts. They can't translate abbreviations or value items that are only named and not shown. (Explain that you sword of Uberleet comes from the top dungeon in the game and only 3 other players in the world possess it. Link to a page with information about
it, etc.)

7.Prep your account. Deguild, wipe friends list. Stop recurring billing of your credit card. You might even want to tell a few friends so that they don't freak out and email the game company that some stranger is playing your account and you were obviously hacked.

8.Show your price in the title or body. This is important for forum selling. Some shoppers get discouraged if they have to ask and they simply will not ask nor make an offer. Consider your last trip to the grocery store, if you wanted something and the price wasn't right there, you might have just skipped buying that item. Convenience is key!

9.Use buy now prices. Buyers don't want to buy an account tomorrow, they want to buy it now, today, this minute. They also do not want to bother with bidding. They will pay more for this convenience. I usually set the buy now price $50 higher.

10.Find your CD key.

11.This increases selling value dramaticly. Add "Cd Key, original owner" to your titles.

12.Exposure Many people need to see what you have for sale. If someone auctions the biggest diamond in the world, but only three people know about the auction, it will not sell for a very good price. To get strong exposure, you MUST use more than one website. To use more than one website, I recommend starting a free auction and then linking each of the forum posts to the auction page. This will track bidding for you and allow you a better presentation than forums allow.

13.Forum sites:,,, (low fraud rate, free anti-fraud guides)

14.Auction sites: (free), (free), (5%)

15.'Bump' your posts by replying to them so they stay on the front page. Read forum rules on bumping. This will increase visabilty when new posts cause yours to become "buried."

16.Pricing: In this market, items do not sell like they do on ebay. You need to price your account AT the amount that it will sell for, and then use the 'buynow' option. Use automaticly relisting auctions with 1 day durations. It is easy to adjust your prices at any time. Start at high prices, and slowly reduce until you have a buyer.

17.Price your World of Warcraft account accurately, free tool by rpgreseller

18.Be prepared to accept paypal. If you don't have a paypal account, get one. If you don't know how to use paypal, learn.

19.If your account is inactive, activate it so you can prepare screen shots and a profile.

20.Don't ask potential buyers, "Are you going to steal my account." - If they are a thief, they might be a liar. Think about it. Free guide on safely buying and selling wow accounts


22.If you have alts that are high level, you can sell them separately. It requires a new blank account, and $25, but buyers will happily pay for it. Why? - Because it's secure.

23.Each account must have matching owner information. If you are a buyer and just bought an account with a dozen alts that can be sold separately, you may be in for some big profit. But how do you pay for the transfer if you don't have a credit card that's registered in your name?

24.This and other questions are answered in The account transfer guide.


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