Sunday, 16 August 2009

Investing Gold in WoW

If you are planning to buy something useful to you in , you should have some wow gold in hand . Every time you farm some gold it is good for you to invest them . So how to invest the wow gold you farmed ? Here are some tips :

1. Markets of interest :

1) Keep an eye out for FOTM surges, the prices of cloth, mid range trade goods and relics of ulduar will increase, sometimes as much as tenfold.

2) The key with investment is to watch patchnotes to see how the changes will effect the supply, and demand of a product.

2. Markets to avoid :

1) With next patch : Frozen orbs / Runed orbs will decrease in price, as will abyss crystals.

2) This will be because many people will farm HC's, and will be de'ing most of their old gear, as well as the hc drops that will be redundant to alot of the farmers.

Thanks for reading and enjoy yourself in WoW !

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