Monday, 17 August 2009

Getting the Best Gear for Lower wow powerleveling PVP in WoW

World of Warcraft players sometimes play with a twink, an overpowered lower level WoW PVP character that plays exclusively in lower level PVP brackets, instead of spending countless hours in wow powerleveling 80 end game PVP and PVE. After the initial powerleveling, the player needs to leave a buffer of experience points to acquire gear in dungeons and quests without the risk of going over the level cap for his PVP bracket. A nine level buffer is usually enough.

Getting the Best WoW Gear

Research the latest PVP gear at sites such as PWN Depot, Blizzard's own PVP forum, and WoWwiki to find information on gear that is needed to become the best character possible. In most cases, the PVP gear that can be purchased with honor at the PVP vendor or with gold at the auction house is not the best gear possible. The best gear comes from dungeon runs and quest reward gear.
Dungeon runs and some quests should be done with the help of a wow power leveling 80 friend to save time and minimize experience gain. During dungeon runs, it's best for the lower level character to run into the first mobs to become a ghost.

The player should not release from the corpse. Then the level 80 character brings the boss back to the corpse, and downs the boss. As long as the ghost for the lower level character is near the area where the boss was downed, he can roll need on the drops. Doing dungeon runs as a ghost results in little to no experience gain.

If the lower level character is being supported by a level 80 main, there is Bind On Account (BOA) gear that can be used by all characters on the same realm. Despite the name "Bind On Account", BOA gear cannot be transferred between realms even on the same account. BOA gear may be purchased with Stone Keeper's Shard tokens or Emblem of Heroism tokens. Those tokens are earned from wow powerleveling(buy wow power leveling) 80 dungeons and raids.


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